Life and Truth


“Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions.”

                                                     – Rig Veda.

We know that our life is a flow of experiences. There is a paradox in life. The happiness we seek in life through our extroverted pursuits in the world is first of all fleeting or transient in nature. Second, it is changing and relative, that is the happiness we seek  or experience through our faculties of Body, mind, Intellect and Ego are not Absolute.

Life and Truth:

What exactly is the Truth?  How do we clearly miss the Truth in life?

We are what our principal constitution of our personality is. Based on our constitution there are basically two ways of living. They are as follows:                                                                                                                                                              1) Extroverted living or Extroversion.

2) Introverted living or Introversion.

Extroverted living or extroversion is that life where the individual is worldly. That is, the individual is interested in seeking pleasures of the world and is focused in accumulation of wealth, power, luxury or comforts, secular knowledge, position, status, etc. The individual lives his life seeking success, freedom, perfection, bliss or happiness, contentment, peace, truth, Reality, etc. by pitching these onto the world and experiences thereof. They continue chasing materialism and sensuality devoid of any higher ideals of life.

Introverted living or Introversion is that where the individual is philosophical or spiritual. That is, the individual is interested in knowing the Truths of life and living and is focused in ultimately seeking the basis of life rather than the superficial pleasures or accomplishments of the extroverted living. Their seeking is directed inwards within the personality layers and the ultimate goal is Self Realization. They attain their higher goal of life called Self Realization or achieving God consciousness through steadfast and dedicated efforts. In Self Realization they merge one with the supreme Self by winning over their own ego and giving up their worldly desires.

Truth and its Realization:

According to the scriptures, the purpose of human birth and existence is only to attain Self Realization. The introverted seekers depending upon their basic constitution, proportionally undertake or  proportional perform Karma or path of Action, Bhakthi or path of Devotion and Gnana or path of Knowledge to refine their personality of the blemishes of ego and desires of the Mind. Upon refinement, the seeker taking the guidance of the spiritual master finally meditates and attains Self Realization.

a) Karma or Path of Action is performance of selfless service and sacrifice.  

b) Bhakthi or path of Devotion is Non hatred or Universal love, Gratitude and surrender to the Divine Providence, spiritual master, noble or wise or spiritual personalities and the benefactors.

c) Gnana or path of Knowledge is fixing and pursuing Self Realization as the ultimate goal of life, following it up with study of scriptures or spiritual subjects, introspection, reflection, contemplation and progressively practice optimal meditation at 4.00 AM (in the early morning). Developing and practicing noble virtues of life like humility, compassion, self control, uprightness, forgiveness, etc.

Our duty in life is to find our true identity called the supreme Self or God or Reality that is existing within as the subtlest enlivening principle in the core of our being. We are basically that pure bliss or Divinity and not the limiting, enslaving material aspects of Body, Mind, Intellect and Ego as we generally believe.  

Our spiritual evolution is mainly marked by our own self sufficiency or self reliance achieved in life. The more self sufficient we are, we will be less dependent on the world. By Self Realization one lives a life of harmony with the laws and designs of Mother Nature. 

“Truth alone wins, not the untruth”.

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