Maya: Illusions

The Advaita philosophy of Hinduism declares this world as “Maya” or “That which does not exist”. The basis of that claim is as follows: The world  we experience is a flux of change. The happiness, success, perfection, freedom, contentment, etc. that we derive from this world are all relative (not absolute) and are transient or […]

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The Paradox In Life And The Truth.

Without an exception, all worldly people seek lasting happiness, pleasure, success, freedom, perfection, contentment, bliss, peace of Mind, etc. in the external world of objects, beings and experiences, in the world of time, space and causation. This extroverted pursuit of happiness, success, perfection, freedom in the external world is a wild goose chase which is paradoxical […]

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Life and Truth

Introduction: “Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions.”                                                      – Rig Veda. We know that our life is a flow of experiences. There is a paradox in life. […]

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